The Stud

Open 7 days a week. Happy Hour daily, 5pm-8pm. The first worker-owned cooperative nightclub in the US! Celebrate Pride with us!

Red Hots Burlesque



March Finale with special guest direct from AUSTIN TX- Kitty! Von! Quim! (see translation: Pussy with Pussy)

Our March cast has brought singing, insanity, dancing and some gravity defying acrobatics!

Youre gunna have a damn good time!

SHELLY ELLE- pole aristry
DANGEROUS DOLLIE- brilliance and costumery
RUBY VIXEN- All that Jazz!
SNATCH ADAMS- Foolery and rediculous acts of boobs

Special Guests
KITTY VON QUIM- No shy fat kid in the corner. John Waters dream come true. 

Resident DJ Cinnamon Maxxine

You'll never see the same show twice and you'll always be grateful you came! We sure are.