The Stud

The first worker-owned cooperative nightclub in the US! Keeping san francisco queer since 1966.

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Creature XVI: Ritual // ft. Foozool (Club Chai) & DJ Lady Bug

light as a feather // stiff as a board // light as a feather // stiff as a board

every third friday we come together to keep ourselves grounded and connected and witness each other. for the past 16 months, we’ve created the ritual that is creature, building and holding together queer space. this month we’re celebrating and embracing the ritualistic. cleanse your crystals, set up your altars and set your intentions for Creature XVI: Ritual.

FOOZOOL (Clube Chai)
DJ LADY BUG (Piano Rain)
Maya Songbird (Live Set)
Gossip Cat

Yves St. Croissant

Kochina Rude
Stefani K-Monster

STROBE “the fear” RUDE

Sean MTNZ (poster design)

FRI // MAY 18 // THE STUD // 10PM to 4AM // $5 b/f 11 / $10 after

note: we have full faith that as our creatures dress and interpret this theme that they’ll be remember and keep in ming that it is not ok to appropriate or use as a costume rituals/ symbols that aren’t connected to their own cultures. please be mindful of this.

for the uninitiated: creature is a collaborative project, a night for all queer bodies (and legit allies) to come together, get close and sweat. we feature an eclectic mix of performers, music (synth pop/ future club/ house/ techno/ punk/ && beyond), installations and projections -- all to keep your mind constantly spinning.

brought to you w/ love by the creature crew (YSC, Skin, iamMom, Jerry Lee and Gossip Cat)

*~*~*~* each month, we donate a percentage of the door to an organization that reflects our queer values. this month’s recipient is TBA. *~*~*~*

creature is a celebration of all queer bodies. it is a safer space for self expression and coming together. that means we will not put up with any sort of anti-blackness, racism, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia, misogyny, femmephobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, ageism, etc. etc. we are not about to let bigots ruin our good time or yours.

There are two steps leading up to the club at the entrance on Harrison near Gordon. There's a second entrance that is wheelchair accessible on the corner of Harrison and 9th. If you'd like to use this entrance, you can, at any time, ask the staff at the Gordon entrance to open it up. Or, if you'd rather, please feel free to reach out to us here and we can coordinate to make sure there's somebody stationed at the Ninth Street door for your arrival.

A ramp with a slight incline connects the dance floor and the main bar area. None of the bathrooms are gendered and there is one, larger single-use bathroom. However, none of the restrooms at the moment are equipped with handlebars. The Stud Collective is working to make their bathrooms more accessible in the near future, and we'll be sure and keep our party updated with those details.






join us sunday-thursday for the HORNIest queerest happy hour! 5pm-9pm

$5 Cocktails/Craft Beer, $3 Bud/Bud LIghts, $7 Slushees, $8 tecate+espolon shot, $6 specialty cocktail and more!

Plus, $5 Jameson & Espolon Shots

fri & sat  9pm-11pm