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The first worker-owned cooperative nightclub in the US! Keeping san francisco queer since 1966.

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The Broni Mitchell Show: The WitCHERs of Eastwick

SNAP OUT OF IT! This month, JUST in time for Pride Week, The Broni Mitchell Show Chers their most provocative show yet - the in-depth exploration of the life and artistic career of the original reinventor, muse to Bob Mackie, American TreaCher and the most objectively talented musician of all time, the one-word enigma;


In a sleepy Rhode Island town, three best friends, Cher, Cher, and Cher are brought together by fate when they make a deal with the devil (Sonny Bono). From there, it’s a twisting, turning, time-traveling journey through the decades, as Cher, Cher, and Cher meet up with Cher and Cher and Cher in a grand recollection of Cher’s greatest triumphs and most devastating blows.

A comprehensive and fully factual biography produced by the world’s leading Cher researCher and experts, Laundra Tyme, Scarlett Letters, Creme Fatale, and Hexate

Oscar-worthy performances from;

Cher (Chastity)
Cher (Good Times)

Cher (Silkwood)
A Chair

Cher (Mermaids)

Cher (Tea with MusCherlini )
and extra special guest;

Cher (Moonstruck)

With DJ Dakota Pendant (Mikey Strider)
Lights by Rich Martin
And Yves Saint Croissant (Sean Santos) at the door!

Post-show screening of Cher’s first full-length feature film Chastity (1969) to follow at The Stud if we can figure out how to work the projector, or at our house on our DVD player if we can’t.

$7 at the door






join us sunday-thursday for the HORNIest queerest happy hour! 5pm-9pm

$5 Cocktails/Craft Beer, $3 Bud/Bud LIghts, $7 Slushees, $8 tecate+espolon shot, $6 specialty cocktail and more!

Plus, $5 Jameson & Espolon Shots

fri & sat  9pm-11pm