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OTHER Stranger w/Bill Converse Stallone the Reducer Dax Pierson

OTHER STRANGER is a new monthly at the STUD. The focus of this night will be the experimental mutated rhythms and raw, primitive electronics through live performance and DJ sets. For the second installment of OTHER STRANGER we have:

STALLONE THE REDUCER (NYC/Detroit:: Est/83, Jackie O'Body's School of Dance)
"STALLONE THE REDUCER got his start manning the machines in noteworthy synthpunk outfits such as TAMION 12 INCH and the expanded lineup of ADULT. His crunching electro workouts paint a picture of greasy queens, snug leather, young hearts, and feisty bottoms. His "DRUG PUSHER" EP was declared the Rust Belt anthem of Summer 2016 by good boys everywhere, and his subsequent releases - a synthesis of dingy dancefloor-rumbling electro-poems and deep fried noise-greaser sound collage - have found rank among the top flight of clubmaster degenerates on the esteemed FIT SOUND label. THE REDUCER's live sets present sketches of churning acid runs over snapping analogue rhythms, pockmarked by wavering vocal spittings of de-evolved nightclub rantings. One for all the dirty spikey jacket hunks and punks that wanna cut loose and look cool doing it."

DAX PIERSON (Oakland::Ratskin, Anticon)
"Dax Pierson is a musician/producer that has called the East Bay home for 20 years. He was co-founder of the bands, Subtle and 13 & God, a touring member of left of center hip-hop group, Themselves and an associate of the Anticon collective. He was also in Americana band, Winfred E. Eye for 3 releases. In 2005, Subtle encountered black ice in the middle of the country while on tour and flipped over, leaving Dax with a spinal cord injury in the 5th and 6th vertebrae. Since his individual fingers are now paralyzed, Dax has now switched to using a laptop controlled with iPads apps in order to produce. The last 14 years have been spent exploring the possibilities that technology could offer, often with time consuming learning curves. His work is currently informed by isolation, limitations, college radio segues, Hip-Hop production, 90s post rock, odd time signatures, new techno, ambient drones, bobbing head beats and sentimentality."

Nickolaus Typaldos (NYC::Jackie O'Body)
"Nickolaus Typaldos is an artist working in a variety of media in NYC. He was a member of the experimental electronic freak out group DROOOIDZ5, who put out music on Lost Soul Enterprises (NYC) and Sunview Luncheonette Social Club . Nickolaus Typaldos continues to pop his freak with his own blend of bent rhythms and subterranean screech as a solo musician. He won't shut the fuck up."

DJ sets:
BILL CONVERSE (Austin, TX::Dark Entries, Jackie O'Body)
"Immersed in the early days of the 90s midwest rave scene, Bill Converse began DJing at a young age in Lansing, Michigan. Luminaries such as Claude Young, Traxx, and Twonz were key early influences. Since moving to Texas in 1998, he has experimented with analog techniques in varied studio bunkers. Early techno, noise, ambient, tape, and paranormal processing are all part of his uncanny sound palette."

TOPAZU (San Francisco::Infinite Beat Radio)
"Topazu is a San Francisco-based selector whom hosts the local Infinite Beat Ambient showcase and radio show, Infinite Beat, on Radio Valencia. Besides curating Infinite Beat, she has been featured DJing many local shows including Sure Thing, Surface Tension, Honey Soundsystem and VX. With her interests in abstract textures, carnal rhythms and her exuberance in darker, chaotic noise, Topazu has also supported many international artists such as Wolfgang Voigt, Evigt Morker, Takaaki Itoh and Marie Davidson."

Scott Moore (San Francisco::Jacktone, Other Stranger)

Earlier Event: January 18
Drag Alive- Happy Hour Variety Show






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