The Stud

The first worker-owned cooperative nightclub in the US! Keeping san francisco queer since 1966.

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Epilogue for Our Future Ends

Epilogue for Our Future Ends is dance party and performance with new and restaged selections from Our Future Ends (a multidisciplinary satire about near extinct lemurs and long lost Lemuria). Epilogue continues the legacy of Lemurians (Brontez Purnell and Heather Acs), summons a Cosmic DJ (Siobhan Aluvalot) and occult luminary Madame Blavatsky (Lyddle Jean) and features a live performance by musician Hale May along with Our Future Ends remixes by TED M SUPERSTAR.

Epilogue for Our Future Ends is part of the inaugural CounterPulse Festival. Visit for more information.

Produced by Clement Hil Goldberg
Presented by Some Serious Business
Costume Design by Margaret Cleaver
Original Music, Animation Score, and Remixes by TED M SUPERSTAR
Original Music by Hale May
Sound Engineering by Sophia Poirier
Choreography by Larry Arrington
Lighting Design by Jerry Lee

Photo of Brontez Purnell by Robbie Sweeny Photography

Our Future Ends is a multidisciplinary satire that connects threats of extinction to wildlife and wild life. Oscillating between queer dance party, animation and theater, Epilogue for Our Future Ends at The STUD combines live performances from Brontez Purnell, Heather María Ács, and Siobhan Aluvalot as both long extinct Lemurians and the voices of stop motion animated lemurs (additionally voiced by Maryam Farnaz Rostami, Xandra Ibarra, Zackary Drucker, Ben McCoy, and Silas Howard). John Foster Cartwright joins the cast as occult writer Madame Blavatsky and musician Hale May performs a solo piece with calls from singing indri lemurs.

Lemurs (from lemures or ghosts) are the most endangered mammals on the planet. The displaced primates are housed in captive breeding programs for research and to maintain diverse genetic populations, but even if their species is rehabilitated to adequate numbers in captivity they will not be able to return home. After 60 million years, Madagascar is no longer an option as 90% of their original forests are gone and deposits of mineral riches continue to be mined.

Lemurians were queer prehistoric entities, occult imagined divine androgynes that went extinct along with the Atlanteans. The World Wildlife Fund’s latest report noted that the wildlife population has declined by half since 1972, an uncanny time period for the artists, culture and community lost to the AIDS crisis. The latest in a series of losses perpetuated by market forces, San Francisco’s 107 year old gay bar The Gangway closed its doors the same week as the Eastern Cougar was declared extinct. The Stud, also recent prey to San Francisco’s rampant gentrification, is at the heart of the fight for queer cultural preservation with 18 new owners coming to its rescue—becoming the first worker owned cooperative nightclub in the US. By 2020 nearly two-thirds of wildlife may be lost to the planet and queer spaces face a similar fate.






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