The Stud

The first worker-owned cooperative nightclub in the US! Keeping san francisco queer since 1966.

Drag alive! every friday 6:30p


March 2019 lineup…

A Happy Hour Drag and Variety show for Everyone!
We couldn't be more San Francisco!

Stud 399 9th Street –enter on Harrison Street
6:30 entry
7pm – 8pm Show

VIP (stage side) $20
Cocktail Tables $15
General $10

Online sales stop at 12pm March 8

Tickets available at the door first come first served.Every Friday we DRAG ALIVE- a variety show for everyone. We welcome those visiting our gorgeous city, those who have never been to a Drag Show before and promise that this will entertain even the most experienced of drag fans.

1 hour of Entertainment featuring SF’s Finest: Glittery Queens, fabulous Freaks and larger than life entertainers. The best show at at the fanciest dive you ever been to.

Since the Stud opened in 1966 it has had a reputation as a place where everyone is welcome- so join us at a show where everyone is welcome.

And if you just want to happy hour about it join us in our front room for drinks and friendship- no cover.


The Clown:

Your emcee VivvyAnne ForeverMORE! is made of jokes and desperation. One of the co-owners of the Stud Bar she's cut her teeth on this stage for ten years, and has the mouthy splinters to prove it. Quick witted and dry as California in summer her awkwardness is only surpassed by her desire for your love.

The Chameleon:

Lisa Frankenstein is a shapeshifter- from soft damsel to fierce creature- we never know how she will look or who she will be- but we do know she will be funny, with tight moves a small frame and a big personality.

The Tween:

San Francisco's Corn Dog Queen (2013) LOL McFiercen twists girlishness with a frenzy of rainbows, sparkles and hearts. But she's not all sugar and spice, she's usually got something to smart to say in between dance moves as good as any one of Janet Jackson's dancers (circa The Velvet Rope).

The Riot:
the siren You always know when Persia's in the room- her laugh rings out clear like a siren. The good kind. Her numbers make us want to dance, laugh, cry and get together- because a party or something like it is about to rush in the room, riding her coattails, or more like, her petticoats.

The Brow:
Frida K-Hole is a unibrowed creature serving art, glam, drama & camp. She will bewitch you with her look, slay u with her lip synch & sometimes even make you think, or at least go "huh?"

With your door host Hollywood Texas

FAQsAre there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Drag Alive is hosted at the Stud- a bar. So all our attendees must be 21 years and up and be able to provide identification.

Does the Stud serve food?
The Stud does not serve food but you are welcome to bring snacks with you!Can I bring a birthday cake for my friend?Yes please! We welcome all kinds of celebrations and parties! Send us a message in advance and we will make arrangements.

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join us sunday-thursday for the HORNIest queerest happy hour! 5pm-9pm

$5 Cocktails/Craft Beer, $3 Bud/Bud LIghts, $7 Slushees, $8 tecate+espolon shot, $6 specialty cocktail and more!

Plus, $5 Jameson & Espolon Shots

fri & sat  9pm-11pm